A Crown for a Fox Cover
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A witch swears to protect the throne.
A fox familiar vows to kill the king.

When Siel unearths the bones of villagers massacred on his fiance’s orders, his heart breaks. His fiance: the king. A monster, and the man who saved Siel from the depth of melancholia. The man Siel loves.

But some loves have to die, and Siel will kill this one. With no army, his only weapon is his secret ability to change into a fox—he’s a familiar.

Caius, an awkward witch, feels accepted at last when he joins the royal guard. For once, his rigid moral code is admired; the king too is an austere man who follows his head over his heart.

Caius swears to protect the throne with his life. But soon, an assassin fox shows up and leaves a trail of bodies. The palace is shrouded in fear; Caius chases a ghost, always ahead, always taunting. Frustrated by Caius’ failures, the king turns on him—criticism, followed by insults, followed by pain.

Chasing and evading each other, Siel and Caius’ dance brings them closer. Soon, they see the similarities: both wounded by the same man, both holding the same principles. And the same fascination for magic, a power neither can have on his own, but that can only be shared.